For every guest that takes a safari in Africa with Metamo,
we fund an entire year of education for a child in need.

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The Metamo Mantra: More Than Just a Safari

We care deeply for the people of Africa. From the time each of us first set foot on the continent, we felt a responsibility to give back. 15 years later, we carry that commitment with us — on every safari in Africa, and with every new group of curious travelers.

And we know you feel the same. You wouldn’t have chosen Metamo otherwise. For every guest that travels on an African safari with Metamo, we fund an entire year of education for a child in need. And after your journey, you and your family will have the option to continue to sponsor a child for years to come. The truth is, giving back — carrying that torch — is a responsibility to humanity that we all share.

As responsible philanthropists, we:

  • Seek to do no harm by ensuring our work does not inadvertently exacerbate existing inequities, fuel conflict, or damage the environment
  • Build trust through complete transparency and accountability
  • Believe that donating to developing countries can be a great vehicle for promoting peace
  • Commit to the long-haul
  • Avoid creating dependency by empowering individuals through education
  • Honor local customs and cultures — and seek to disrupt as little as possible
  • Manage our philanthropy wisely so as to always be credible and trustworthy
  • Ensure that 100% of the money goes directly to a child’s education — and does not become diluted by excessive overhead, governmental corruption, or administration fees in either the US or in Africa

We give back.

Changing lives isn't just what we do. It's the core of our mission and the cornerstone of our approach to transformative travel. Through our non-profit, Red Rhino Outreach Project, we have been fortunate to have a real impact in local Kenyan communities.

Meals Served To Children

Trees Planted In Kenya

School Uniforms Donated

Tons of Vegetables Donated

Red Rhino Orphanage Project

In 2005, Greg and Susan decided to build a children’s home on five acres of land in rural Kenya. It was a great start — a noble idea — but then they faced a tough question: How do you construct an orphanage from 10,000 miles away?

The answer? Generosity. Countless caring individuals — both in the US and Africa — gave their time, money, and talents to the cause. Today, Red Rhino Orphanage Project provides children with the resources they need to get an education.

Red Rhino Orphanage Project is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in California. Our mission is to empower disadvantaged children in Kenya through education.

Giving Back

Red Rhino Orphanage Project does not have a formal volunteer program, but it is possible to arrange a tour of the facilities. For every guest that travels with Metamo, we fund an entire year of education for a child in need. And of course, we’re always open to your support.

Read more about the orphanage and learn how to contribute to the cause.

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