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The Booking Process

  • ➤  Explore all of the exciting possibilities with your Journey Specialist: Simply call us +1 (888) 918-9222,  fill out our “Let’s Start Planning” guide, or email us today!
  • ➤  Decide on the ideal itinerary and dates of travel 
  • ➤  Complete the terms and conditions agreement and traveler’s  profile form 
  • ➤  Make a 20% deposit.  Your deposit is refundable up to 120 days before your journey begins with the exception of a $500 administration fee. 
  • ➤  A welcome letter and official itinerary are sent to you.  Our Pre-Adventure packet with a packing list and other helpful information arrives within 2-3 weeks of your booking
  • ➤  We stay in touch taking care of all of the details along the way and answering any questions you may have
  • ➤  Final payment is due 120 days prior to departure 
  • ➤  Delight in the Journey! 

If You Must Cancel

120+ days prior to travel: 20% Deposit returned with the exception of a $500 per person administration fee

119-90 days prior travel: 20% Deposit + 100% of internal flight costs

89-60 days prior to travel: 50% of tour price + 100% of internal flight costs

59-30 days prior to travel: 75% of tour price + 100% of internal flight costs

29-0 days prior to travel: 100% of tour price. We will make every attempt to recoup what money we can for you from our travel partners and agents

You may cancel your Metamo Journey at any time up to 120 days before your Journey’s start date for any reason. A $500 administration fee will be applied. If you cancel, you must notify your Journey Specialist in writing.  A full explanation of our cancellation policies can be found in our terms and conditions agreement sent when a booking is requested.

Important Booking Notes

➤  Clients are responsible for all non-refundable airfare and fees, travel expenses, health insurance, and all related costs

➤  Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended

➤  A terms and conditions agreement will be sent to you once an itinerary and dates have been selected.

➤  Metamo terms and conditions are subject to change and can be modified at any time without notice




Our Classic Journeys are fully designed sample itineraries and a great place to start for ideas and inspiration. Select one as is or your Journey Specialist can modify it to better suit your travel preferences. 


Our Custom Journeys are itineraries tailor-made just for you by your Journey Specialist.  


Metamo does not own or operate any of the accommodations you will be staying in. We maintain the right to change accommodations to the same or higher standard. It is important while you are on your journey to work to resolve issues with the lodge management fairly and realize that cultural norms are different, and misunderstandings can arise that are often easily resolved. Should there be a complaint about any aspect of your stay, you must inform your Safari Operations Specialist (also known as “Lead Guide”) who will help on your behalf to rectify any issue you are having and document the situation for Metamo management. 


You are solely responsible for researching and booking your own international air reservations which are not included in program pricing. As such, it is your responsibility to arrive and depart in line with the land itinerary set forth in the Metamo itinerary.  No refund will be given should you arrive late and/or need to leave early from the starting and ending dates stated in the itinerary. It is strongly urged that you send your Metamo Journey Specialist your international flight itinerary to review it to make sure your arrival, departure, touch-down, and take-off points match exactly with your itinerary before you book your flight. Your tickets should not be booked until you have made your 20% deposit for your journey and received an official receipt, welcome letter,  and official itinerary.  Trip cancellation insurance is strongly advised. Metamo will not cover any cost of international flights for any reason. 

Passport Requirement    

You must have a valid passport and one that is valid for six months after the date of your arrival.  You should have at least three (3) blank pages for every country you are visiting. 

Visa Information

East African Tourist Visa

If you are traveling to two or more of the countries of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, you can get an ‘all in one’ visa called the “East African Tourist Visa.”  Tanzania does not participate in this visa program. 


The Government of Kenya has implemented a 100% e-visa requirement.  You must apply online and be issued an e-visa prior to travel. 


The Government of Tanzania no longer allows visas to be issued through their embassy and now issues e-visas (recommended) or visas obtained upon arrival. 


The visa for Rwanda can be obtained upon arrival or online in advance. 


Seychelles is largely a Visa-Free country. A visa is not required for a stay of up to 30 days. 


Vaccinations/Immunizations give you protection against diseases you might come across on your journey. You are advised to have all vaccinations/immunizations recommended to you by your doctor. The optimal choice of vaccines depends on several factors including your specific travel plans and many individual factors such as your health, age, etc., that may contribute to your decision.

All of the countries we visit in Africa have received the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safety Stamp

Specific Vaccination Requirements for Entry 

Yellow Fever

A yellow fever vaccination is required if you are traveling from a country with an endemic risk of yellow fever (and you have stayed there for more than 24 hours). If you are traveling to only one country you will not need to show proof of vaccination. If you are traveling to more than one country in East Africa you will be required to show proof of the yellow fever vaccination. 


Vaccinated travelers do not need proof of a negative COVID-19 test to enter the countries on our itineraries.  You will need digital proof of vaccination. If you are not vaccinated, you will need a PCR test 72 hours prior to the first leg of your flight. We are very sensitive to this time of uncertainty. We refer to the Center for Disease Control recommendations as a standard for all COVID-19 and other up-to-date protocols and actively work to exceed those recommendations. From Metamo guides to the staff at our curated accommodations, rigorous hygiene and health standards have been implemented including intensive and ongoing training for everyone involved with your journey.

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