Episode 17: Surreal animal sightings on safari: David and Ronah return to the podcast

On this episode, we welcome back two special guests, David and Ronah Saunders. David and Ronah share with us just a few of their favorite stories in the wild.
Published: March 7, 2021
By: Metamo
Category: Podcasts

On this episode, we welcome back two special guests, David and Ronah Saunders.  David and Ronah share with us just a few of their favorite stories in the wild.  Ronah describes coming across a den of baby hyenas (she really wanted to bring one back home!). David recounts one of their most exciting safari experiences in Maasai Mara where smart wildebeest calf runs directly to their safari vehicle attempting to avoid almost certain death from a coalition of cheetahs surrounding it.  The tension builds and the fate of the wildebeest hangs by a thread. There are more stories too! 

Learn more about David and Ronah’s work in Africa at  rrop.org

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